Write your first Blog in WordPress

A Blog is nothing but your online diary. You can write your daily diary in a blog. But, whole world may watch your personals 🙂

Writing is a good habit. You can be a trader, a writer, a chef, a politician or a home maker with particular talents. Write your own thoughts in the modern online era will bring you into new scopes. You may get 1000s of regular readers.

There are many websites offering blog pages free of cost to anybody. You just visit there and open a account, then you can immediately write your blog posts. Blogger.com is a famous blog website sponsored by the giant Google. WordPress.com is another popular blog website, but with some difference.

Why we use WordPress? Because, WordPress is most popular tool for blog and website creation. It’s offering a free blog page. But if you need full fledged website, it costs money. WordPress too offers paid services in website development and hosting. You can utilize its website services when you need by paying their fees. Otherwise, you can download their free CMS (Content Management System) software from http://wordpress.org and build your own website at your hosting provider. Later you can learn one by one.

There are 66 million websites powered by WordPress.  This is 28% of total global websites. Why this much popular? Because, it is easy to understand. No need to write complex codes. Customization is important reason for wordpress popularity. Anyone can build his/her own website, ecommerce store or any kind of content management, without having any technical knowledge. Moreover, there are plenty of free and paid plugins and themes available to ease the work of a web designer.

Differences between .com and .org

Before writing your blog, keep in mind the difference of WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is the hosted version. That means your website runs on the official WordPress servers. You can go there now and create a blog for free in just a few minutes. Needless to say, it is free version. So, you have limited access only.

WordPress.org is the self-hosted version. This is what you’ll use if you want to run WordPress on your own web hosting account. When you use this version, you have complete control over the design and functionality of your website. Download WordPress CMS at no cost, and upload the files to your hosting provider. Here, you have limitless possibilities to customize your website or even eCommerce website.

Start your first WordPress Blog

Visit http://wordpress.com 

Click “Get Started”

Click “Start with a blog” in this Screen. As i told earlier, second option is paid service.

Now, choose a theme. Theme is nothing but like a dress. A website should be eye catching and attractive. So, as like you wear smart dress, choose a better theme for your blog. There are plenty of free and paid themes. I chose last one in the picture.

Put a suitable name for your blog. I chose “sankarsrinivasanblog”. After selection, the URL generated will be http://sankarsrinivasanblog.wordpress.com  If your chosen name is not available, wordpress will generate some suitable alternatives. You can select from them and clickf “Select”

Then, choose your hosting plan. First one is free for life to your blog. Select “Start with Free”

Enter your email address and password and click “Continue”. Your blog will be created within few second.

Then, click “Continue” to customize your blog

In this screen, left side is your blog options. Right side is view of actual blog. Now, you can customize your blog.

By clicking “Write”, you can edit your blog post. After saving the text, your blog will be displaying like following image. To view your working blog, you should type the URL in the browser, like http://sankarsrinivasanblog.wordpress.com

To edit further, go to your wordpress.com dashboard by using your login email id and password, and click “My Sites”. Then find “Site Pages”, “Blog posts” etc options. Click suitable options and edit your blog to update. You can edit the theme options and change the theme. Or even you can add social media sharing buttons to allow your readers to share your posts in their pages.

Learn new things everyday by exploring all options in wordpress.com dashboard. If any doubts, you can get back to me by pressing facebook messenger button on this page, or by email. Happy blogging…!!!

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