What is CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery or Distribution Network, which is a distribution network of CDN servers and data centers. In CDN, various remote servers are scattered around the world and storing website files. When a user access a website from India, traditional server from US serving files with little delay due to distance.

Same time, if a CDN server in India serves the same files when a Indian user access a website, loading speed will be increased. In modern internet world, good website should take 1-6 seconds to load home page. Otherwise, page hits may be reduced.

Not only this, another CDN example is Bootstrap theme framework. You can download entire framework and add into your theme. Otherwise, you can call each theme function, by writing CDN coding line in home page.

Sound Cloud is a CDN, which delivers music from the Cloud. YouTube delivers videos from the Cloud.

In this website, i am using Cloudinary for image manipulation. That is, i am storing all images in Cloudinary’s server. When i want to insert a image, i am calling image files from Cloudinary. See the following examples. I have uploaded single photo in Cloudinary, and calling various sizes and color matches. Here, image is content. Posting here is delivery. Various sizes and color matches are called cloud image manipulation.

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