Virtual Private Network (VPN) for private browsing


Your personal data is mostly hacking by hackers, by finding IP number. Unencrypted browsing welcomes hackers to steal data.  Its important to protect your online privacy. Each device is assigned an IP number. A software is making a mask over your IP number, and registers a fake IP number when browsing. So, it is very hard to hackers to steal information from your device. It is called Virtual Private Network, simply VPN.

There are plenty of free and paid VPN services available. Choose a reliable one for safe browsing. Kaspersky Lab offers VPN with 300MB daily free limit. That is, Kaspersky VPN offer security till 300MB of browsing every day. If your browsing is limited, you can choose this. Both android and desktop versions available.

Reliable Free services are Touch VPN. Use it’s Chrome extension for your desktop. Touch VPN offers Unlimited free browsing.

For android phone, light weight Yoga VPN (12MB) is a best choice.

The only problem with VPN is, some times it restricts mail downloads from Gmail and image downloads from Facebook. Evaluate everything and stay with convenient one for safe browsing.


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