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Zoolz Archive by Genie9 is an early adopter of Amazon glacier, where it’s one of the largest accounts under it utilizing around 6 Petabyte. They provide massive storage designed to store your precious moments from videos, photos, music and more at an extremely low-cost without worrying about capping or quality of service.


With time, stored data is less likely to be retrieved by owners and here is where Zoolz Archive stands out from competition by providing low cost storage for archived dormant Data.

As data becomes inactive with time, it doesn’t need to live on expensive storage, set your data priorities under instant vault and cold storage, try to place the data you need often to be on the Instant Vault as it allows immediate restoration of backed up files, this is based on Amazon S3 Technology.

Cold storage is designed to archive large amounts of data at an affordable cost, it’s perfect for data that does not need to be frequently accessed or retrieved it needs 3-5 hours warm up time before the restore starts. Since this solution uses Amazon Glacier.

Instant Vault based on Amazon S3 servers, allows you to manually drag and drop files into your browser from any PC / Laptop without the need of installing the software, however it’s not considered to be a syncing tool.

Why to go with Zoolz Archive?

–          Easy to use.

–          Complete user management.

–          Upgrade storage and users on the fly.

–          Automated backup to “Cold Storage”,Manual backup to “Instant Vault”

–          Advanced filtering capabilities.

–          Simple backup and restore

–          Ship your data all at once to instant and cold storage.

–          Reliable Cloud, data saved forever

–          100% Private and Secure

–          Multiple User Accessibility

–          Competitive Prices

–          Cold Storage by Amazon Glacier

–          Mobile Viewer

–          Award winning cloud backup


Now let’s take a look on some of the product features:

  • Zoolz Security:

Zoolz Archive is built on top of Amazon AWS which has a wide set of compliance and security certificates such as: HIPPA, ISO 27001, PCI plus many more, it applies machine level encryption with the option of having your own custom encryption key, as well as using a 256-AES military grade encryption and offers data transfer with SSL applied as an option.

With Zoolz you can share data stored on Instant Vaults, either with users within your Zoolz account, or non-users via a shared link.

Security options Zoolz offers for sharing:

  •         Password protection: (Set a password to prevent unauthorized access to shared files).
  •         Link Expiry date: you can set an expiry date for your shared links.
  •         Notification upon download: you will be notified upon any shared file is downloaded.


  • How to use Zoolz Archive?

Setup Zoolz, whether you’re using a computer, windows or Mac. Our user-friendly solution lets you securely connect and access your data in one click. Download, sign in and start backing up. Accessing files can be done with a click of a button anywhere anytime with the online web console.

  • The Zoolz apps are simple and very effective and allows you to access and manage your files very easily.
  • Zoolz Mobile viewer available on Android/IOS allows you to Preview all backed up pictures, share any file no matter how large with anyone, read documents, Listen to music offline as well as saving photos to your photo gallery.
  • Time needed to restore my data:


Cold Storage: data stored on cold storage will require 3-5 hours before the start of the download, after this waiting period is done, the restoration speed depends on your internet speed, please bear in mind that Zoolz does not have any speed limitations for downloading data, neither a cap or limitation on daily upload volume

Hot Storage: data stored on Instant storage will start the restoration immediately, the restoration speed depends on your internet speed, please bear in mind that Zoolz does not have any speed limitations for downloading data.


  • Zoolz 5-star customer support

It is likely to mention the world-class support team which is at your service. if you have a problem, you will always be very happy to have high performers to help you get out. At Zoolz, customer support has really been very seduced, whether by mail or via online chat.

Online chat is a simple way to interact with the Zoolz support where they managed to assist very quickly, get our questions answered, as well as being very kind.

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