Panther WordPress Theme Installation


If you face difficulties in installation, please feel free to contact by email, for installation help.


Click “Appearance” – “Themes” – “Add New” – “Upload Theme” and choose Panther theme zip package, and click “Open” then “Install Now”

Then “Return to themes page” and view installed Panther theme at “Appearance” – “Themes”

Hover the mouse on the Panther theme and choose “Activate” to activate the Panther theme.

Now, Panther theme was activated. The screen looks like this. This theme recommends a email newsletter plugin. There is no monthly subscription. It is working with WordPress mail functions. If you wish, you can install this plugin. Otherwise, you can use your existing email service.

After installing Panther theme, visit your website.

If you want to continue with this Panther theme with your existing blog posts, you can continue.


It is time to customize the Panther theme upto your need. You can add the following, or your own.


Click “Appearance” – “Customize” – “Carousel”. Carousel is nothing but slider effect of one or few of your blog posts, to attract the readers.

  • Default carousel title is “Latest News”. You can edit it.
  • Then go to post IDs.

You can enter comma separated post IDs to make carousal effect. How to find post IDs? Go to “Posts” – “All Posts” – hover your mouse to the title of the blog and find post id at bottom side.

Find post IDs of your required posts and enter them in “Post IDs” option. Now, your carousal looks like this.

It automatically scrolls once your enter more than 3 post IDs.


Here, you can choose your blog post categories to be featured. Click “Featured categories” and choose 3 categories. “Hot Topics” is default heading. You can change it.


Click “Blog” and find options to display blog posts with images. Make required changes, if any. Then come to “Call to Action area”. This is a ribbon after first 2 posts. You can link your another website or some other sites with explanation.


If you are well versed in Google Fonts, directly download your favourite google fonts and make changes in the “Fonts” option. Otherwise, hire a developer to do this. If you don’t like to change the font, just leave it.


Add “Logo”, “Site Title”, “Tagline” and “Site Icon” related with your websites.


Here, you can change required colors of your choice.


You can set background image here, if you wish.


This theme supports 2 menus. You can edit as per your need.


This theme comes with 3 in-built widgets, 1) About Me 2) Intro Video and 3) Recent Posts.

About Me – Click “Add a widget” and choose “Panther: About Me” widget. Fill your details and click “Publish”.

Video – Click “Add a widget ” – “Panther : Video” and add video about you or about your project. This theme supports youtube and vimeo videos.

Recent Posts – Click “Add a widget” – “Panther : Recent Posts” and enter number of recent posts you want to display.

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