Image manipulation from the Cloud

Each websites are having its own unique images, videos and downloadable files. But, if it take much of your hosting storage, its hard to manage above files. Instead of this, think the following:

  • Host your website in a hosting provider
  • Host website related images, videos and files in a Cloud storage

Later, you can call required files by Content Delivery. For example, this post is having one photo on the above side and another is in featured image. I have hosted these images in the cloud, and called during my blog post. Check this, by right click and “Save As…” to save file, then check download URL.

If you need to upload same image with 10 sizes in different places, no need of copying 10 copies with several sizes. Just upload one in cloud, then change resolution every time and insert image.

CLOUDINARY is offering FREE service to entry level business websites. You can utilize this. If you need more, you can upgrade to their premium plans later. CLICK HERE and evaluate… 🙂

Cloudinary is offering FREE plugin for WordPress and all leading CMS. By installing their plugins and calling API, you can directly upload and manipulate right from your WordPress installation.

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