Google Tips: Google Photos

Google Photos is a new photo gallery from Google, made for the way you take photos today. Your photos and videos will be automatically backed up and organized, so you can find and share them faster – and never run out of space on your phone and computer.

Google offers FREE UNLIMITED STORAGE for your Photos and Videos. You need to choose your option in your settings. Visit and go to SETTINGS

Choose Original, if you want to upload high resolution photos and videos. It takes actual file size in the Google Drive and count the maximum allowed limit. Google Drive is offering 15GB free space to all Gmail account holders, which is using by Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive. If your photo and video upload exceeds this limit, you need to upgrade Google Drive with it’s paid plan.

Otherwise, choose High Quality (Free Unlimited Storage). It limits your photos by 24 inches, that is each of your photos can be in the size of 24 inches in height or width. More than this size limits to 24 inches. Same like this, video uploads limits to 1020 pixel wide. You don’t need to worry about resize of photos and videos. Google itself converts the size of your photos and videos to this limit.  After choosing this option, upload your entire collection of photos and videos to Google Photos, create albums and seggregate your collection. No limits.

You can download desktop client to your desktop and automatically upload all your photos and videos. And, install Android client to your smartphone and mobile phone photos.


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