Gannium & Fibonacci SLP Tokens on Bitcoin Cash

Gannium SLP Token

Gannium is a SLP token, created under Bitcoin Cash’s Simple Ledger Protocol, in the name of William D. Gann, commodity market legend. Let us create this token as “Trader’s Token”. Exchange at ccTip and

Gannium stopped token sales, and anyone can own Gannium Token by participating airdrops, giveaways, games and dApps.

All Gannium holders are eligible for dividends in BCH, Fibonacci Tokens and Gannium Tokens.

Gannium Token

Token ID: aa30ea2fe349d0ea7abd0fbf4dbd2df7ec5b9384b5574120d8d52c0f7dfb65ca

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Supported Wallets

Gannium listed Exchanges

  • ccTip Exchange for other crypto currencies
  • Exchange for Bitcoin cash

FIBONACCI TOKEN (Tipping Token for Gannium holders)

Token ID: e2982b4a4d2737fb921e76e7d5208a272ec010385babe67070589a6aed27e7b7

Trade at

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  • SLP – simpleledger:qrc23cxwrhrcl0rhwhp4zfsngvgjjsmqjcm5kcd2z3

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