Cloud Storage : Beginners Short Guide

Cloud storage is a online storage area which data is maintained, managed, backed up remotely and made available to users over Internet.  We are working and storing our files in our hard disk. In case of hard disk crash, data should be protected. Backed up CD, external hard disk may be stolen.  But, cloud storage is always accessible.

Imagine if you take a photo in your mobile phone, that photo is automatically uploaded to cloud storage. If you set automatic backup of your hard drive and/or your mobile phone, all files will be sent to cloud storage automatically. You can forget, but app will remind and work automatically. The auto function is called Syncing, and manual uploading is called Backup. It is simple explanation. Google it for further learning.

Like other internet services, cloud storage also available for free and for cost. You can evaluate in a trial period, and pay if you are interested. Most cloud services are offering FREE and PAID plans.  I introduce few cloud storage services. Visit the sites and compare everything with another providers.


Software giant Microsoft is offering cloud storage services in “One Drive” name, with 5GB FREE storage limit. Microsoft offers web access, android app and iOS app to backup your files. You can upload your files and access from anywhere with any device.  Your files will be encrypted with SSL. Importantly, you can scan your paper documents with it’s mobile app. You can share your files with sharing links. And, you can set time for links expiry. If you upload MS Office files, you can edit online with it’s Office tools. Their premium plans starts from $69.99 per year or $6.99 per month, for 1TB of storage.


SYNC is another leading cloud service provider. It offers new accounts with 5GB FREE space to evaluate. It provides automatic backup and auto sync of your files, and end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption means, your files will be encrypted at your device or computer,  transferred to cloud storage and stored in encrypted format. Even this company don’t have access your files. Whenever you download your files from cloud storage, it will be decrypted at your device or computer. It ensures added security to your files. SYNC offers 5GB FREE for ever. Their premium plans starts from $8 per month for 2TB of storage.



Zefiro offers 30 days Trial cloud backup with Unlimited Storage. After trial period, it automatically converts to 7GB FREE storage plan forever. Their premium is very simple and affordable. They charge $33 only per year for UNLIMITED STORAGE. If you prefer shorter duration, $9 only for 3 months.

But, they are not clear in encryption.  No option for Sync. There is no option for creating folders and sub-folders. There is no inbuilt file viewers. Hope they may enhance these features in future. If so, this service may be ultimate choice for unlimited storage with little budget.



pCloud offers 10GB FREE Cloud Storage with another 10GB by way of giving referrals. pCloud is a wonderful service with multiple features. Moreover, each of your files will be stored in 5 different servers. No need to worry about data loss.  It has auto backup, auto sync, in-built players for your music and video files. No maximum file size. You can upload any size of files. Remote backup also a good feature, which allows you to upload a file with pasting it’s URL.

Free plan don’t have file encryption. That is available separately as “Crypto Folder”, which is a premium option and costs $3.99 per month. Simply, no file encryption for free plans.

Their premium plans also easy to afford. 500GB storage plan costs you $125 and 2TB plan costs $250 ONE TIME PAYMENT (monthly or yearly plans also available).



Like it’s name it is mega cloud, which is offering pure 50GB of FREE storage. This company called itself as “The privacy company”. Because, it offers end-to-end encryption for your files. Your files will be stored in cloud storage in encrypted format. So, even this company can view your files. You can share stored files with encryption keys. Mega offers auto Sync, backup, camera upload and various features. Click a photo in your mobile phone, it uploads immediately to cloud storage. Their monthly premium plans are $4.99 for 200GB, $9.99 for 1TB. A cloud storage service with massive free storage and file security. Only barrier is, if you forget your password, you cannot restore your hard worked files. Becuase, Mega don’t store your passwords. And, no inbuilt file viewers.


DEGOO with 100GB

Yes… Degoo provides FREE account with 100GB storage. Not only this, you can earn more storage by referring your friends and viewing advertisements in it’s app.  Degoo provides Android app, iOS app and Windows desktop client. Degoo provides easy backup from your desktop and mobile phone. Files are encrypted by 256-bit AES, and copied in multiple servers for added security. No file size limit. Degoo premium plan starts from $9.99 per month for 2TB plan.

Anyhow, Degoo needs to improve User Interface in it’s clients and apps. No inbuilt file viewers. But, ideal choice for storing numerous bigger files.






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