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Previously i have explained about creating WordPress blog with domain name. It’s time for building your own website with or domain name. It’s simply called self hosted website. To develop a self hosted website, you need to do the following tasks.

i) Installing WordPress core software in a file hosting space

ii) Installing a theme & plugins ( i will explain one by one)

This website may your blog with main domain, or your business page, or your personal information site, or contains listing of your grocery shop, or even explaining about your workshop.  Anyone can build a website and tell the world about your whereabouts. I am just guiding with simple steps. Later, you can enhance your basic knowledge by regular practice.

To build a website, you need following things:

i) A DOMAIN NAME, which is address for your website (as like your street address to reach you). If you need domain in your name, it costs money. For example, is a domain name, which costs an annual subscription. But, is free, as you know in my earlier post. It is called sub-domain. In this post, we are going to build your self hosted website in a sub-domain. Later, you can use your own domain name.

One more thing, there are many free domains are available. or like domains are freely available. You too can use this by visiting

ii) FILE HOSTING SPACE, to upload your website files. Free hosting and paid hosting both are available. is a hosting provider of free and paid plans. You can just check your first self hosted site in this free hosting site.

Importantly, 000webhost is offering free sub-domain too. So, just visit this website and sign up to open your free account.

After sign up, click on + symbol to create your new website.

Enter your website name and website password. I am entering example “SankarSrinivasan” as website name and “goforhome123” as website password.

Now, note some changes:

i) After giving website name as “SankarSrinivasan”, you can find sub-domain as

ii) Now, you can find 3 options to build your website. First one isBuild a Website Easily“, which is service provider’s own online website builder. You can build HTML websites there. Second one isBuild WordPress Website“, which is offering WordPress’s core website files. If you want to build WordPress website, you can install this core files here. Third one isUpload Own Website“, which is creating empty website space for your. Later, you can upload your website files. For example, you can download WordPress core files from and upload here. Otherwise, you can build HTML websites at desktop and upload here later.

Click on “Build WordPress Website” to create your first WordPress self hosted website.

Now, you need to enter Admin username and Admin password for your own WordPress self hosted website, which is going to build in In this example, “admin” is admin password. You can key in your own choice. Then click on “Install”.

Now, it is installing…

That’s all…. Finished. Now, click “Go to configuration page” to configure your wordpress installation.

wp-login.php is your login page of WordPress website. Enter username and password, as you provided during installation.

This is your main admin window of WordPress website configuration. From here, you can control everything of your website. Then, open new window and enter to view your website’s home page.

This is home page of new WordPress Self hosted website. From now on, you can customize your website.

Click “appearance” – “Themes”. Your selected theme “Twenty Seventeen” is displaying. Theme is nothing but appearance style. A website should be looking stunning. There are 1000s of WordPress themes available for free and paid.

Then, try to change another theme. For example, there is a theme named “Smoky”. To install this theme, move mouse over the theme square, and click on “Install”.

Now, Smoky theme was installed. Then, click on “Activate” to bring into live.

If you right-click on “Visit site” and choose “Open link in new tab”, your changed theme will be displayed like this.

Looks Interesting? Explore all menu items, and learn how to post blog posts, how to include photos, and all HowTos step by step…

When you visit from next time, directly visit as hosting provider. Login with your 000webhost user id and password to add domain details, to create email addresses etc.

But, if you need to edit or add contents in your WordPress website, directly visit http://sankarsrinivasan.webhostapp and enter user id “Admin” and password.

As i told, this is sub domain. If you need to develop a website with main domain name (example:, you need to register for domain name first. After registering, change name server settings in your domain name service provider’s dashboard.

Website designing is simple. Anyone can learn easily. Trial and error is best. You can enhance your skills by self-development of websites. Carry on and contact me if any doubts. Thank you


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